"I had the great fortune of purchasing my first hydrabrasion machine over 7 years ago and have loved the machine since day one. The treatment sells itself offering fantastic results immediately to the client. Clients return and rebook time and time again. Our best selling and easiest selling treatment with the HIGHEST profit margin from all our treatments. I have tried numerous devices that claim to be similar or better than the hydrabrasion device that are 10x the price and have seen NO RESULTS that are better than what I already have NONE. As a business owner I look for a return on investment and this device delivers ten fold and I am now in the process of purchasing a third machine for my clinic.

Before you purchase any hydra device please do yourself a favour and look at this device."

Lani Miskimmon / Owner Manager 
Envy Skin & Beauty Specialists (Bunbury WA)


"We love this Hydrabrasion machine so much we purchased 2! It instantly increases radiance and smoothness of skin.  Our clients love how the hydrabrasion removes the dead skin cells on the skin surface while the water treatment cleans the skin further and provides hydration. It is easy to use. We bought our first one in 2016, the other in 2018 and we have never had any problems with them."

Liz Franz / Owner Manager 
Cairns Clear Skin (Cairns QLD)


"I love our Hydrabrasion machine and so do our clients. It leaves the skin so soft and smooth, we always have great feedback from our clients who become regulars of this treatment. The machine itself is easy to clean and maintain and so reliable, it has never broken down!"

Refresh Day Spa (Bendigo)


"I love the results I get from my Hydrabrasion machine.  Having used several different dermabrasion machines over the years I can say without a doubt that the Hydrabrasion system is the best on have ever used! It is precise, gentle yet extremely effective and the added water phase turns a normal dermabrasion into a deluxe treatment. I have had my Hydrabrasion machine for over 7 years and it has never faulted. My clients love the results it gives and so do I."

Kay Glass / Owner Manager 
The Girl You Love (Glebe NSW)